The Secrets to Bicycle Commuting

Generally commuting is a pain in the ass, but it can be fun on the bike. Get out of the car and get on the bike, not only does it burn calories, introduce early morning endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin but you can skip that early morning coffee if you want and get your heart rate up naturally (ok, maybe don’t skip that coffee but the same none the less).

Plan ahead. Face it, in the first couple weeks of commuting you will forget socks, shoes, sunglasses and the like at least once. I still forget belts and socks on occasion […]


What a Year of Bike Racing Taught Me

Growing up I was always involved in team sports. Two a days and locker rooms were a pivotal part of my upbringing. To be part of a team, it meant trusting someone more than you trusted yourself and forcing yourself to perform even on those days when you feel like you couldn’t. Being a teammate meant you acted selflessly to put the team first in a common goal. Even now as an adult, I still have a soft spot in my heart as university and club teams pour into airports as I do my business travel and I find […]


Rain Rides

CyberCycleCoach is based in sunny Southern California so rain is never a huge deterrent to riding our bikes as it is typically a pleasant 60+ degrees when the clouds are low. However some of our athletes live in less friendly climates where wet is also typically cold @ 42º. Here is a complete list of rain day ride rules that we recommend;
Dress appropriately: The goal is to keep the elements out and your body temperature stable – DO NOT OVERDRESS. Wear just enough to be slightly cold when you start pedaling. The first few minutes may be chilly, but […]